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The articulation and the disconnect

The articulation and the disconnect asks participants to engage in a formalised process within restrictive parameters. Potentially intrusive questions have been framed so as to strip answers of context - reducing our lived experience and by implication our identities to a series of yes or no answers. In doing so, the questionnaire forces us to discard the complexity of language and conform to any potential bias held by its author. The accompanying sound piece reinforces the authority of the questionnaire’s parameters - imposing an externalised rhythm to our engagement with its questions.  


aaron scott griffin

Griffin’s work explores the relationship between the artist and the audience – articulating the dislocation and privilege of the gallery space through a considered disruption of curatorial modes and models of display. Griffin’s expanded interpretation of print and print processes pushes rudimentary methodologies to breaking point – incorporating text, spoken word, sound and video experimentations within a broad material engagement. Here the artist attempts to draw the audience in or push them away, obstructing their view or obscuring it completely. Large billboard installations are juxtaposed against a thousand individually hand finished prints no larger than a post-it-note – tempering themes of control and containment within an exploration of intimacy and its absence. 


Oh look, there goes concord again, Outpost project space, Norwich, 2019

Outpost studio holders show, Outpost, Norwich, 2018

HOUSEGROUNDPLAN, Nunnsyard, Norwich, 2018

State of Print, (group touring) – Norwich, Preston, DCA Dundee (further venues to be added)

The Great Anxiety of Our Times, Anteros Arts, Norwich 2017

We Came here to Conquer, Norwich Castle Museum and Art galleries, Norwich, 2017

BALLOT (group touring), CIT Crawford College of Art & Design (June 2017),

Contemporary Art Museum Naples (September 2017)

Belltable Arts Centre Limerick (June 2018)

Palacio de Exposiciones de Santander Spain (September 2018)

3rd Global Print 2017, Douro, Portugal (August 2017)

Lasting Impressions: Selected Work from the Printmakers Council Archive, Scarborough Art Gallery.

East/West, print portfolio (Group touring), China Academy of Arts,

Art Hub Print Open, Deptford, London

Aaron Scott Griffin 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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