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baoyi liang and haifang wu

launching friday 1 may

At the beginning of the 2020, COVID-19 attacked around the world. Our lives changed forever in this tragic disaster, we have never felt so alone and the world has never been separated. People are isolated at home; cities are locked down and the transport is restricted between countries. 

The virus has not only destroyed our physical bodies but also the minds. On social media furious anger lit up with misunderstandings, rumours spreading and people blaming each other, with the racism worsening in these months.

In this situation, the differences in language becomes a factor that pushes us away from each other. That’s why we are doing this project. 

The aim of #Handinhands🌍 is to unite people beyond the barriers of languages. We believe there are commonalities between cultures: like a kiss, a smile and holding each other’s hand in this case. 

We create a website to encourage and allow participants to upload their avatars, and our website will automatically connect them virtually in a holding hands across the world. The website will be launch on 1 May at: 

(recommend access is via smartphone)


Who are you?

We are a group of volunteers arounds world gathering together for this project, including artists, designers, IT specialists and lawyers. The projects is lead by LIANG Baoyi Liang and managed by WU Haifang.
Why are you doing this?

The COVID-19 is changing our lives, the world has never feel so separated. We aim to unite people together though this simple online activity.

What social media will you support?

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Weibo, Weixin - our technical team will extend as many as they can.

How can I get involved?

Visit our website, draw your avatar and share. How simple is that!? After you upload it, our website will automatically connect you and others by virtually holding hands. Just don’t forget to share it with your friends :)


lead artists

Baoyi Liang

Baoyi Liang is a scenographer graduated from Central Saint Martins and now based in China. She is a storyteller working with narrative space, who is always interested in observing subtle humanity in modern society. Baoyi is leading her first online project #Handinhands🌍 during the COVID-19, aim to connect the isolated world in virtual,


Haifang Wu
After having graduated from Communication University of China, Haifang Wu now works as a professional Event Planner in Shenzhen. She enjoys experiencing the difference in cultures and advocating for Environmentalism and Pacifism. As a world citizen Haifang found herself feeling a responsibility to unite people together during COVID-19. She is now involving in the online project #Handinhands🌍 which encourage people connect by virtual holding hands on a global scale.


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