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becomes their talking point


  • Gather objects and images from your house.

  • Curate and display them together as an exhibition in a room at your house.

  • Only invite people to the private view who live in your house.


Charlie Barkus

Charlie Barkus (b.1993, Milton Keynes) lives and works in Norwich, UK. Having graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts (2018) Barkus joined the Steering Committee of OUTPOST Gallery and is currently based in OUTPOST Studios. A visual and research based practitioner currently concerned with the creation and reproduction of space, Barkus attempts to create a broad artistic practice that reflects upon specific research. Questioning how space can be cultivated, both physically and as a part of a lived experience, Barkus looks to build environments that allow these themes to be explored by a viewer.


becomes their talking point was created as a direct response to the issue of the language we use to access and communicate artwork today. This new work takes the form of an image essay exploring how we experience artwork in different forms and how we use the imagery of artwork to express a concept or idea. The audience are asked to consider how they view and communicate artwork and invited to re-evaluate artworks in their collections by creating an exhibition within their own homes.


Recent exhibitions include: MK Calling 2020 (MK Gallery, Milton Keynes), HOUSEGROUNDPLAN (Nunns Yard, Norwich), and We Came Here to Conquer (Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Norwich).

Charlie Barkus 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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