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april29 - may 3


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- DM me a pic of the short sentence in your “handwriting” to                              via Instagram


- describe more details about the content of your “handwriting” in English


- You can also submit to my email account


- Feel free to ask me question through Instragram or email.

This event will be held from 29 April -- 3 May

MESSIVE VOICES interprets plots, which are associated with silence, censorship, concealment, persecution, brutality from the authorities, in every corner around the world. The stories behind are not particularly exclusive to somewhere.


The messages from MESSIVE VOICES are not one-way from the artist to the audience, but also invite others’ participation. It asks them to think about how they feel about the world they live in, and share their connections with the contents from their cultural and geographical backgrounds. The collaboration with the audience creates a landscape of public voices.


MESSIVE VOICES is an extension of my past work,


chen pin-erh

In contrast to the event-based disasters that gain most of the attention from the public, my practice responds to the violence of delayed destruction and focuses on issues related to environmental crisis and social movements in everyday lives. Slow violence occurs gradually and out of sight, which increases over time by inaction and delay. It is the delay I am focusing on, rather than the physical consequences. As the project develops, my attention has moved on to diverse aspects, and the concept behind each work is conveyed to public mainly through language, which still plays an important role in this new era. Every word, discourse and conversation in our daily are part of the slow violence, surrounding modern people everyday, everywhere quietly, but sometimes toxically.


I grow up in Taipei, the crowded, clamorous capital of Taiwan. With background in architecture, I am currently studying my MFA degree in Art, Space+Nature in my own room, not in the physical Edinburgh College of Art.

Chen Pin-Erh 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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