Take a walk on googlemap

Chiayun tu

Let’s take a walk in quarantine!

Take a wake on GoogleMap is a workshop which interrogating the overspread of digital surveillance during the pandemic and acceleration of contemporary world. 


During the pandemic, people start to track actual moving on GoogleMap, and I want to create a inexist walk with participants.

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Instructions Before Join the Walk


  1. From preventing to reveal your address, copy the address of the nearest supermarket around your place.

  2. Add your favorite road trip song in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO7SiX22Ii5Nnqo9lYILye54p7rCRKMXQ&jct=ZmHbDPWeXzCBPYWsA4eY3u-uvwElCA

  3. Join the Zoom chat and share your screen to us, let’s take a walk!


***This workshop will record when the Zoom meeting start. Participants will be asked to share their screen and audio with other participants. The recording will be use as the material of the final video, as part of the workshop outcomes.




From Taipei, Taiwan. Currently study at MA Contemporary Art Theory, Edinburgh Collage of Art.


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