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Please follow the instruction below and send us your outcomes (pictures, videos, drawings, etc.) to our Instagram @Squeezeit2020. We are looking forward to your participation!

Drawing ideas for barrel performances. Plans Ideas. 

Ideas for sculptural works.

  • Actions with the barrel, using it as an instrument.

  • Getting inside the barrel and posing for a short time.

Performance exercises

Rolling on the floor in the barrels. 

Using if possible, one Barrel, two barrels and three barrels. 

People on the ground rolling all at the same time.  

10 minutes.


Sitting on a chair or stool in the barrels, making noises inside the barrel. 

Tapping , shouting.

10 minutes.


Reading a page from a favourite book, from inside the barrel. 

Using a little light inside the barrel.


Reading a piece of philosophy - shouting down into the upright barrel creating an echo acoustic.


‘Barrel people talking to each other’, conducting a questions and answers session from within the barrels. 10 minutes.


If possible attempting to have someone perform a headstand from with-in an upright barrel.

With a group helping and holding the performer’s legs.


Two people walking around in the one barrel.

5 minutes.


One person standing on a box in a barrel.

5 minutes.


David Sherry

David Sherry (b. 1974, Northern Ireland. Lives and works in Glasgow)


Sherry graduated with an MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2000. This year he will be showing at Glasgow International (postponed until 2021) and Ronneby Kunsthall Sweden. Also undertaking a residency at Findhorn Bay Arts in May

Recent exhibitions at The Hilbert Raum Berlin and a solo exhibition at The Golden Thread Belfast for the Belfast International Festival 2019. Also in 2019 he was asked to performed a new work for at Das Dritte Land Berlin at the Korean Garden, looking at borderlands.

In April 2019 he performed at Platform Arts Glasgow for Outskirts, in 2018 he performed a new commission for the Look Again Festival in Aberdeen and exhibited new work for ‘Good £uck’ for Glasgow International. He has performed at De Player Rotterdam and Het Bos Antwerp in 2017. In 2016 he showed at the Liverpool Biennial and Manifesta 11. He has had solo exhibitions at Outpost Norwich, Summerhall Edinburgh, Catalyst Arts Belfast; Villa Concordia Bamberg Germany, Glasgow Museum of Modern Art and Tramway’s project space Glasgow. Selected group exhibitions including ‘Generation’ at the Kelvingrove Glasgow, ‘RIFF’ Baltic 39 Newcastle, Film and video at BBC Scotland, ‘Grin and Bear It’ at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork and ‘One fine morning in May’ at GAK Bremen. In 2003, Sherry was selected to represent Scotland at the 50th Venice Biennale and his work is held in many collections including the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.

My work includes performance, drawing, video, and sculpture. I am interested in making artworks that relate strongly to everyday life. Developing props, sculptures and videos influenced by my experiences and social surroundings.

Some of the themes that influence my thinking are aspirations of social and monitory success, classing ourselves and others and self positioning through ideas of wealth and ownership.

Many of my recent works have taken on the structure of a stand-up performance, a sketch shows or a variety act. In these works, I incorporate a wide range of influences and opinions. These performances move from one idea to the next employing comedic, absurdist and factual approaches in quick succession. Making a live performance is a fascinating and interesting process. I have formed a series of developmental routines, reperforming older works with new ideas in the same set. I enjoy the process of preparation, memorising ideas and improvising subjects. I try to expand the dynamics by building props and locating normal actions while mixing authentic and fictional subjects of interest. These live stand-up pieces can incorporate many influences, distilling conversations, books and TV programs into a series of ideas.

David Sherry 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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