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Traditional Chinese ideograms presents themselves as hieroglyphics. Every single word is equal to a picture, meaning every sentence is like a picture reel, like linear photographic film. Lyricists working in Chinese will normally write like a poet; well thought out, using composition and symmetry. This thought provoked me to think that every lyric and written line are actually like a scene, and formed by details composed within the "word-picture".


Due to language limitations, normally a non-Chinese user would not understand Chinese words by reading them. If we step back and read words as a picture, is it possible to read it through visual imagination?

Hieroglyph is a way to break the wall of language. This projects aims to explore the removal of a lyrics role in a song, to strengthen visual's role in a song. Not relying upon the music video as a story-stereo and for visual supplements.



Paste (any) language text, detectable translate function helps transmitting them into Chinese by link above.


Start using above link to use formula to turn Chinese lyrics into Hieroglyph, and download images by pressing button below.

Examples of transmitting results of a Song Name- 火鸟  


Or lyrics: 


扫去记忆里的鸿毛 逃离未蒸发的薄雾


过去给抛进熔岩的心灰飞了 浮尘没带来天动地摇 

近镜的一切化为长镜 闭目 然后 微笑 


Note: Not every single Chinese word can be transmitted back to their original (Hieroglyph ) form, but that’s fine. For non-Chinese user, those words which didn’t have changes through above steps still have their own images representation.

Use this link to access the reverse function to find the closest form of image of the image results generated by above steps.

As we have generated visual image based images, we could start using them to transform into 2D/3D as the ultimate goal of this project.

about wai pong james lui

Wai Pong Lui James (b. 1997, Hong Kong) have studied at London Central Saint Martins and New York Parsons The New School as a visiting scholar before he graduated from London Chelsea College of Arts in 2019. He held his first solo exhibition in New  York and participated in various group exhibitions and screenings in the UK and Hong Kong such as Tate Exchange, King's College London Guys campus, CHELSEA space and The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. Now Lui is going to undertake Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Visual Arts) programme  at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Lui is interested in the relationships between purposeful and non-purposeful artificial colour in fishing materials and using their tensions between in-controls and uncontrollable flexibility function-effects to intervene or capture the nature arbitrary aesthetics through transforming them into systematic machinery. He recently loves using fishing line as his main media in his works. He creates a style of photography by using fishing methods and regard fishing as a kind of “photo-capturing” – Sea Photography.

Wai Pong James Lui 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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