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speaking my language

joseph doubtfire & sophie purchase

Speaking My Language: a critique without words proposes a rethinking of the group critique, building on conversations which sought to explore the various forms critique that take place within an artist-friend dialogue. Considering how much of that communication is visual – WIP sent (“What do you think of this, hun?”),  screenshots of another artist’s Insta (‘This is lovely!’), pictures of a show you visited (‘Saw this and thought of you [heart emoji]’) –  these quick judgements are often the precursor to more critical or discursive conversation. The phrase ‘speaking my language’ infers more than merely having the tools to communicate, but rather a mutual understanding of meaning, intent and context. In this instance, the application of this is a visual one, where common ideas, interests and references are understood through a responsive process of sharing practice. 


The workshop will run through the collaborating platform Padlet and open on Tuesday 28 April from 11-2pm inviting contributions relating to a different theme. During these periods participants may respond to the others' contributions; moving, adding, connecting and reformatting images.


No upcoming events at the moment


Upload an image in response to any existing posts, or upload your own image for critique.  

Images may not be deleted, but may be moved, resized and connected.


Please note:
Padlet does not require an account

Images must be your own
Images must not contain words

Offensive images will be removed

Screenshots of this event may be used in promotional material and further research; include you name on posts to be attributed 

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aboutjoseph doubtfire and sophie purchase

Sophie and Joe met whilst completing their degrees at Norwich University of the Arts, their conversations and collaborative practice explores critique, Artist-Friendships and paragogy.  


Joseph Doubtfire (b.1993)

Joseph Doubtfire is an artist and lecturer. Collecting, recording and musing on found objects, his work detaches these from typical understandings of value, making playful references to the formal practices of painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, and museology. Objects are often encountered as a part of or a product of an exchange or dialogue, and characteristic of the inherent generosity within creative social structures. Doubtfire currently teaches across HE and FE programmes in art and design at Blackpool School of Arts, and is a studio holder at Abingdon Studios, Blackpool.

Sophie Purchase (b.1993)
Sophie Purchase’s practice is driven by an interest in the shared characteristics of social performance and art performance, with a particular interest in how the seemingly casual, unplanned aspects of everyday routines can be reproduced and presented. Sophie is currently undertaking a Master’s in Contemporary Art Theory at the University of Edinburgh and has recently completed an artist residency at WOMPspace, Sheffield. Sophie lives and works in Edinburgh.

Joseph Doubtfire and
Sophie Purchase 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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