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An exhibition that only exists in parole

MingZHou LU




During this strange period of self-isolation time, many artists seem to put their sight into the online exhibition. To some extent, the various online platform becomes the media to support, to bear the weight of the art exhibition. And according to our translation and language theme, I’m curious whether the language itself could be produced as a media to hold an exhibition independently. When language becomes the medium, are art exhibitions carried by different languages also different? How does an art exhibition based on pure language affect the audience's five senses?  

Instructions for participants: 

1. Establish a discussion group of more than two people


2. Tell about an art exhibition that doesn't exist in the world. As a tourist, you enter a gallery and share what you have seen and heard with your discussion group.


3. Record your conversation with audio equipment


4. Convert conversation content to text


5. Send these contents to your friends and listen to their views on the exhibition


lu ming- zhou

Mingzhou Lu (b. 1995, Shanghai) graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in 2019, Now Lu is undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma of Contemporary Art Theory programme at the University of Edinburgh.

Lu Ming-Zhou 2020


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