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Xupeishan is currently exploring using video games as a platform to curate exhibitions and display their works. They're currently working on an exhibition space Animal Crossing: New Horizon on the Nintendo Switch, a save for public download on Minecraft(PC) and a self-made interactive fiction/visual novel.


With the progress of our activities, Xupeishan's solo show in different video games will be launched one after another. ? The exhibition space in ACNH will be available from April the 29th, between 6-8 pm every day. The password (Dodo code) will be provided on the day at 6 pm, anyone with the password can enter the island/exhibition space.


The show will last for a week. And we will play the live video a day after within 6:30-6:45 pm on April the 30th.

Today's password is:15JXN 


xu peishan

“May you be treated with all the kindness in the world.”


Xupeishan is an artist whose current focus is to express their views and opinions about people around them, about themselves and about the world. Their work is realized through sound, text and sometimes video. Through the therapeutic process, externalizing thoughts and emotions. They believe that excessive thinking is necessary for the exploration of truth and understanding of human emotions and connections. Though sometimes it can also be a drawback resulting downs and blues. With emotionally charged words, they invite you to look into their perspective and responses to different things. Cycles of different feelings flowing freely inside their work creating an immersive environment. Whether to project yourself into the situation or only read their thoughts as a story, their works will hopefully make you feel something.


“Can you see me?

Can you hear me?

Can you read me?



Listen to it.

Listen to me.”

Xu Peishan 2020


Unless stated otherwise all works featured on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and should be attributed to their author.

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